top tips - ways to...

Look out for the maths in your day and help your child notice it too. Sorting, finding patterns, cooking, shopping, timetables, measuring...

coin game

Choose internet games that offer more than a test. Number Chase packages offer guidance to save you surfing time.

sticks of ten different combinations of red and yellow lego bricks

Pause...and praise your child for "good thinking". Quick, correct answers don't help your child learn to solve maths problems..

dice net

Print and watch how to make a dice labeled '1','2','3'... and use it to play a favourite game

spinner made from cardboard and paperclip

Print and watch how to make a spinner and introduce different numbers to a favourite dice game.

finger on lips

Try to avoid letting your child hear you say "I was hopeless at maths!" We know now that everyone can grow their maths brain. Watch Jo Boaler's video

chocholate bar array 4x8

Do times tables with chocolate bars!
Look at the pattern of squares to help your brain remember... 4x8. Enjoy different ones- chocolate bars and times tables!

butter beans, sticky dots, pen, acrylic paint, nail varnish

Make some jumping beans and use them to play any dice game. Take the learning to the next level by allowing a choice of how many beans to throw.

three in a row grid game and counters

If your child has ideas to change a game, it's a great learning opportunity - try them out.