parent and child faces

PLAY and give your child a FUN experience of maths-it will be extraordinarily valuable.

Download pdfs, print or display, sometimes make them your own with some colouring, a little cutting and sticking and you'll have lots of free games and resources to help you share some brilliant maths at home.

paper hearts to practise 4 times tables

Share a few minuets of maths magic with your child

Simple, quick ideas to inspire your child with maths games and activities
spinner to make video

How to make videos

Step by step instructions to make spinners, dice and magic counting beans.
choice of zero to five or five to ten numerals dice

How to make dice and spinners

Introduce a brilliant new maths learning experience into your child's day just by choosing a different dice or spinner to play with. Lots to choose from here! Download free pdfs now.
best maths hundred square games

Download free pdfs: Hundred square, number lines and number tracks

Lots of ideas of how to use these great maths tools playing games that will really help your child make sense of maths.
ladybird 6 times tables game

Times tables games

Teach your child that times tables can be fun! These games will also help them make connections- the connections our amazing brain needs to store facts in our memory- useful for the tests!
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