Easy to make Dice and Spinners -all free pdf downloads

Along with lots of ideas for simple games you can play with your child at home, you can have fun and really help them with their maths

Would you rather read a number on a page or throw or spin a number? Dice and spinners make maths fun. Sharing fun maths at home will be really inspiring for your child now and into the future. The advantages of using a dice or spinner don’t stop there. The pattern, of for example, six dots on a dice, offers support to learning about numbers whereas when your child encounters the numeral ‘6’ it is abstract and much more difficult to make sense of.
Will you throw a six? From modern brain imagery we now know that when the brain is anticipating a chance event new learning happens very easily. Wow.

Step by step instructions to quickly make a games spinner

Step by step instructions to quickly make a dice from paper or thin card

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