Lots of ideas and inspiration for magic maths at home moments

mother's day poem

Share looking out for patterns with your child. It's a great way to make maths real, not scary.

Can you hear a pattern in this poem?

making simple paper daffodils

Look at some daffodils together, make some easy paper ones, play a game and the maths you share will really help your child develop an understanding of the number patterns that make times tables much easier

6 times tables practise

fifty snowdrops

Go on a snowdrop hunt, take photos, talk about 'how many?' and the ideas you share will really help your child develop a valuable feel for numbers

Estimate how many!

4x4 paper hearts for 4 times tables activity

Have fun together with paper hearts and your child won't even realise that they are practising the four times tables! Brilliant

four times tables practise!

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