Mother's Day maths

Can you hear the patterns when you read this Mother's Day poem?

mother's day poem

Share looking out for patterns with your child. It's a great way to make maths real, not scary.

There are lots of patterns in maths and you can use them to make understanding maths much easier. And when it seems easier it is more fun!

☺Have a go at writing a haiku poem with a pattern of 5, 7 ,5 sylables or make up a new pattern for the number of sylables in each line. You could call it e.g. 'a Smithku poem'!

Or depending on the age, stage, interests of your child choose one of these ideas to try.

Go on a pattern hunt in nature.

plant with leaves that make a number pattern

Have fun creating patterns with size and colour.

lego bricks making pattern of colour and size

☺Take turns.
☺Player 1 creates a pattern
☺Player 2 adds the next piece
Pass it on If your child chooses a different piece to the one you were thinking of the talk that you share will be really valuable.

Have fun creating patterns with shape

pebbles, conkers, acorns making a sequence of shape pattern

Have fun making some number patterns

number cards making a number pattern sequence easy

☺Take turns.
☺Player 1 creates a pattern
☺Player 2 adds the next number card
Pass it on Watch out, there may be lots of different numbers that fit- Brilliant.

number cards making a number pattern sequence harder

☺Try using some number cards to make this sequence of numbers:9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90.
Pass it on Ask "Can you spot something special about the pairs of digits, one and eight, two and seven.....?".

Look out for the patterns in sums.

☺Try 2 + 7= 9 , 12 + 7= 19 ,22 + 7= 29
Pass it on Ask " What could the next sum in the pattern be?", "Can you make up another sum to start a different pattern" "
Or when your child is confident
☺Try 8 + 3= 11 , 18 + 3= 21 , 28 + 3= 31
Pass it on Be aware that this is a much harder pattern, Asking " What could the next sum in the pattern be?" doesn't need a 'correct' answer.Their answer will be valuable, the puzzling will extend their understanding.

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