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Don't worry if you are one of the many parents who think :I’m rubbish at maths. With these expert tips you CAN help your child be confident and realise that you too CAN be good at maths- the brain science shows everyone can!

two spinners and a subtraction worksheet, which would you want to use?

How do I motivate my child to do maths at home? ( When I don't even like maths myself)

If you’re having difficulty getting your child to do maths homework, don’t beat yourself up, we have a whole culture to change here!

10 best tips to encourage your child to do maths at home.

three seven spot ladybirds real life maths

Times tables - rote learning and timed tests, or times tables learned another way?

A child encounters real life examples of the two times table before they are tested on it - pairs of shoes, eyes, hands...these real-life experiences create images in our memory that can be visualised to help
marked questions with lots of wrong answers

How to help a child with maths anxiety

It may be huge or tiny, but maths anxiety adversely affects the lives of us all. Mathematics has a key role in our lives, fundamental to the science that will protect our planet for future generations.
stones in a noughts and crosses frame made from sticks picture

Homeschooling maths

I’m hearing the plea” How am I supposed to homeschool my child? I don’t want them to fall behind but I don’t know how to teach them maths.”
dice, counters, board game picture

Games - a great way to learn Maths

I'm on a mission to help families have fun learning maths. So... I'm starting with science! With modern imaging we can see our amazing brains learning - forming new connections. Research shows that when we are anxious, those new connections don't happen...

ten butter beans painted on one side picture

Subitising - an important skill

PLAY ANY DICE GAME THIS SUMMER using home-made jumping beans, and really increase the opportunity for mathematical learning.

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