parent and child faces

Make maths real.
Try sharing this collection of more than 200 powerful images to bring maths to life at home or in the classroom.

They'll be lots of brilliant maths talk and NO answers marked with a cross.

12x2 autumn leaves

Times Tables

Chat about the leaves two times table, the eggs three times table and my favourite-the chocolate four times table.
diamond pattern in brickwork

Shapes and Sizes

With buildings, bricks, paving, sticks...Chat about the shape, size and a whole lot more.
seventy jelly beans in groups of ten

Number Sense

Compare counting the jelly beans with and without groups of ten- you'll discover together the basis behind our number system now more than a thousand years old!
slavonic abacus with conkers one hundred

Online Slavonic Abacus

Try out this abacus at home or school. Talk about the patterns our amazing brains use to see up to one hundred without counting- BRILLIANT.
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