Enjoy these photos and bring the 2 times tables to life- at home or on a whiteboard.

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2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 1x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 2x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 3x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 4x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 5x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 6x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 7x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 8x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 9x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 10x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 11x2


2x-times-tables-whiteboard-activity 12x2


How can photos offer one of the best ways to help your child learn 2 times tables?

☺Whatever you do or don't do at home you can offer a very different experience to a times tables test at school. Your child will be more relaxed and a brain that isn't consentrating on 'threats' can learn much more easily.
☺Choose one of these photos and take turns to talk about what you can see?".There will be no wrong answers but lots of opportunity to connect different maths facts.
Pass it on On your turn,for example say, “two plus two plus two plus two makes eight" or "four lots of two equals eight" or " two rows of four" or...
☺Have fun playing with real life sets of three, sets of four… Take some photos and talk about them together. Then try drawings of sets of three, sets of four…
☺ With objects and drawings, support your child to discover and talk about the patterns that link different sums. For example: 3x4 is the same as 4x3, 4x3 is double 2x3, 4x3 is the same as 3+3+3+3, 5x3 is half of 10x3, 9x3 is 3 less than 10x3. These connections help our brain remember.
☺ Delay using apps and online games that have a timed element.

2 times tables video

2 times tables backwards video

2 times tables all mixed up video

Try these fun games to help your child practise the two times tables.
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