Enjoy these photos and bring the shape, size and pattern to life- at home or on a whiteboard.

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square pots in a 6x3 array

squares in 6x3 array

circle of paving divided into eighths

circle in eigths

diamond pattern in a brick wall

diamond pattern

circles piled together logs

circles fitting together?

diagonal pattern of slates in a wall

repeated pattern

repeated pattern of black and red bricks

repeated pattern

squares rectangles and circles windows on a building

squares,rectangles and circles!

symmetrical reflection of a duck in water


fat and thin sticks

fat or thin

getting shorter set of sticks

getting shorter/smaller

matched in twos sticks

matching pairs?

long and short sticks

long or short?

making the same length in different ways with sticks

make the same length

straight and curvy sticks

straight or curvy?

matching length sticks

the same length?

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