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If your child is in year 4 in England they will take the new MTC multiplication tables check test early in June 2022
This online times tables game will help them prepare, learning facts up to 12x12 in a powerful confidence boosting way.

times tables game start screenshot times tables game screenshot to demonstrate how to change table and level

Your child can be brilliant with times tables without struggling to memorise one hundred and forty four facts!

This times tables game is uniquely powerful and fun. It is designed to support your child with lasting visual images. When you see tables facts in rows and columns ( an array) it makes perfect sense that e.g 5x7 and 7x5 are the same and hey presto - the number of facts to be remembered has just been halved. Our brains grow by connecting new learning to known facts and this game is all about connections! Your child will see for example the two times table double into the four times table and double again into the eights
times tables game level 1 screenshot
Play at Level 1 and your child will secure their learning by connecting times tables facts to your their knowledge of addition and counting in 2's,3's....Audio and visual numbers are always there to help.
times tables game level 2 screenshot
Play at Level 2 and your child can connect an array picture to a times tables fact. As your child grows in confidence there is a little less support as the audible numbers disappear.
times tables game level 3 screenshot
Play at Level 3 and your child can connect and see for example the three times table double into the six times table. Meet Tilley the tortoise to introduce lots of other useful connections too.
times tables game level 4 screenshot
Play at Level 4 and you'll notice that to empower your child 'the answer' comes first. The coloured array cleverly allows your child to see more easily how many there are.
times tables game level 5a screenshot
Play at Level 5 and your child can take a quick look at the array before it disappears!
times tables game level 5b screenshot
As your child completes Level 5 they will have a brilliant understanding of times tables to support them thoughout their years of education and beyond.
times tables app reward puzzle screenshot
As your child completes each step a puzzle piece is revealed alongside encouraging messages and a grand finale to leave them smiling.
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