St David's Day daffodil maths

Look at some daffodils together, make some easy paper daffodils, play a game and the maths you share will really help your child develop an understanding of the number patterns that make times tables much easier.

How to make some easy paper daffodils with your child

Share some magic maths as you make the paper daffodils and play a times tables game with your child

☺Find a daffodil or a picture of one and talk about what you can see with your child.

☺Make some easy paper daffodils or use real ones.
Pass it on Holding a few daffodils ask "how many petals all together?". Take turns to ask e.g."Can I make a bunch with thirty petals?", "Can I make a bunch with twenty petals all together?"

☺Talk about for example 'four lots of six being double four lots of three'.

Make a 6 times tables games spinner using this free to download pdf , and play a game with your child.

☺Grab a few daffodils each.

☺Take turns to spin.

☺If the spinner lands on a number which matches the number of petals held by any player, that player scores a point and everyone changes their bunch.

☺Race to score three points.

☺Play several times and/or make up a new game.

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