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Parents, Grandparents, carers- We offer you support in easy steps and lots of brilliant resources.
Because the best way to help your child with maths at home is to have fun together.

maths activities age 4 to 5
Fun family activities and games to help a 4 to 5 year old with maths
maths activities age 5 to 6
Fun family activities and games to help a 5 to 6 year old with maths
maths activities age 6 to 7
Fun family activities and games to help a 6 to 7 year old with maths
maths games and activities age four to seven
This set of packages forms a complete homeschooling curriculum age 4 to 7
Where can I start helping with maths homework
With free Number Chase packages feel confident helping your child with maths at home.
maths is not my favourite subject
Advice for parents, grandparents and carers- how maths at home can really help your child.
photo that can be used at home or as a whitebord resource
Start a maths chat with a photo. Online resources to use at home or on a classroom whiteboard.
how can I remember seven times four
Lots of free fun games and activities to help families make learning times tables fun.
let's see if we can figure it out together
Lots of ideas, how you can really help at home, if your child is struggling with a particular bit of maths.
best maths games to buy
Lots of free dice and spinners, easy to print and make, with fun games to play.
best maths hundred square games
Hundred square, number lines and number tracks, easy to print and make, with free fun games to play.
abacus modelled on slavonic abacus and rekenrek
A great way to help a child get a feel for number these photos are modelled on a rekenrek/ slavonic abacus.

My son is struggling with maths, I wish I knew how to help

My dad was really enthusiastic about maths and I grew to love it’s challenges too. Teaching was an incredibly rewarding career for me but having a child say “I’m rubbish at maths” or witnessing their thought processes freeze because of maths anxiety, that made me very uncomfortable. When there was a passionate plea from a dad” My son is struggling with maths, I wish I knew how to help”, I thought “I can do something to help with that” and Number Chase was born.

Have fun sharing a maths game

I know that trying to teach your child directly what to do, probably won’t go very well! Instead the Number Chase games and activities have been carefully designed to be fun to share together and enable your child to discover the maths as you play and talk together. There’s parent information too, to help you be confident that the real life maths you share at home will really help your child at school.
I really hope you can experience lots of very special fun moments using Number Chase with your child. I hope it will help you to grow in confidence – to know you really can offer them amazing support with maths even if you thought you were no good at it. I hope that you can use Number Chase to help the next generation feel positive about maths.

Fundamental to Number Chase are these:

Ideas to really help your child with maths at home

☺ Enjoy playing a game together. There will be lots of maths practise and no crosses.
☺ Talk with them about how they got an answer and really value that there are lots of different ways to get to an answer.
☺ Tell them that mistakes are absolutely OK. They shape new ideas and lead to the most powerful learning.
☺ If you had a bad experience of maths at school, try your very best not to pass this on- it can be different for them.
☺ Tell them that brain science has now proved that everyone can learn maths to the highest level.
☺ Try to involve your child in the maths you use in your day, cooking, shopping, planning...
☺ Look out for the beauty of the shapes and patterns all around us.

Most importantly,
Have fun,
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